Digital products that are second nature on first use.

Digital products that are second nature on first use.


Kombu designs business-critical products
From mission-critical enterprise software to digital products used by millions of people, across sectors such as healthcare, energy, finance and transport.  

Kombu creates immersive experiences
Kombu works with clients to find simple solutions to complex problems. We design so the design gets out of the way, and lets users extract the value from your idea.

 Kombu has a flexible working approach
From consulting or project-based contracts to complete solution delivery, Kombu works with clients directly, or can team-up with digital developers and existing suppliers. Currently Kombu has projects in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, San Francisco and London.

 Kombu is mostly Craig Winley
As a Perth-based digital product and experience designer with an international client base, Craig has more Frequent Flyer points and jet lag than normal. He has been designing digital products and experiences for over 20 years, and works with a diverse range and scale of clients, including consumer brands, large enterprises and innovative start-ups.